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O'live & Write, thank you for capturing our event! You made it last forever in these pictures and videos.

Poplin x heyMaeve

I had a fantastic experience working with O'live & Write, Their team is incredibly talented, creative, and professional. They truly understood my vision and delivered outstanding results that exceeded my expectations. From start to finish, the communication and collaboration were seamless. I highly recommend O'live & Write for their expertise, dedication, and ability to bring ideas to life.

Keith, Helper Express

I would like to send a big thank you to Grace and her team, they are fast on understanding and very creative in translating ideas into designs. You make my job easier, thanks!

Nancy Zhang, AngelFlorist

I had a great experience working with Grace and her team from O'live & Write. She was very personable, friendly and easy to work with. The team worked with excellence on the drafts and responded in a very timely manner on the different iterations of the work. We are excited for the completed work copywritten by Grace and her team to be published for everyone to check out!

Hillary Hoo, Singapore Cancer Society

Great experience working with Grace and her team from O’live & Write. She is able to pick up even the smallest of details and transform it into something magical. And that’s something I truly appreciate.

Working with Grace has been easy and fun right from the get-go. 10 minutes into my first conversation with her, she was able to understand, relate to my problems and came up with helpful insights on the marketing aspect of it. Needless to say, it was a done deal and we’ve never looked back.

Grace is also super responsive and patient to my endless requests. Not only does she listen, she easily captures the essence of my request and somehow managed to curate something that is beyond my imagination. Her mind is equivalent of a magic factory that transforms your thoughts into magnificent ideas.

Highly recommended, looking forward to our next project together and keep up the excellent work!

Alex Tan, Co-founder of Soosoomon Jewellery

Grace and her team are a godsend. For small businesses like us, it is challenging to manage multiple functions, especially marketing, due to limited time and resources. That is why a marketing partner like O'live & Write is more than what we can ever ask for.

Grace and her team's attention to detail, promptness and sheer creativity allowed us to explore new channels which we otherwise wouldn't have known/dared to venture into. The result of this is a new business and the ability to engage with new customers. Maintaining a business is hard but it gets easier with the right partners.

Did I also mention that they are super fun to work with? :) Polite, courteous and professional, O'live and Write ticks all the boxes that a small biz can ever ask for in a marketing partner. If you are a small biz owner like us, I say wait no more and give them a ring (pun intended) now!

(We are a small business selling bespoke jewellery - Soosoomon Jewellery Pte Ltd - we appreciate everything O'live and Write have done for us. More to come!)

Joel Lim, Co-founder of Soosoomon Jewellery

It was a great experience working with Grace and the team from O'live & Write. They were very professional and precise to all details of their customer's needs. They went the extra mile to ensure the outcome best fit the client's requirements. We were very new in this area of work, but with patience from Grace, she suggested the most appropriate course of action. Highly recommended and hope to work again in the near future. Thank you so much!

Queen's Beauty Recipe & Care Pte Ltd

I've worked with multiple marketing and branding companies before but O'live & Write has given the best work in terms of design and efficiency. The work they produced has helped me a lot with my online sales. I expect to engage them for a long time.

Jay Lim, Co-founder of Cemani

Grace from O'live & Write is very professional and creative with her ideas. She listens carefully to our thoughts and concerns, and responded promptly with solutions and ideas. It's been a great experience with O'live & Write!

Keith Chong, Co-Founder of DomesticOne

O'live & Write is easy to do business with. Grace is creative, flexible, and friendly in her dealings as well as her creations. The illustrations the team's done show a real flair for the medium. The captions often also very humorous & witty while keeping true to the brand ethos & identity. Highly recommended for any business, especially startups, looking for a creative or marketing partner to help grow the brand's media presence!

Daniel Tando, Founder of Ohmmm Care

Grace from O'live & Write is a god-send! She has great tonality in her writing and an innate ability to speak to my customers in a very wholesome manner.  She listens keenly to how I explain my brand values and turn them into a language my customers resonates with! Thanks, Grace.. thanks O'live & Write!

Lenie Chow, Founder of KOCO

Such a delight! Grace is a great listener, genuine, and super responsive. O'live & Write takes an open and authentic approach to customers :)

Yeeling, Co-founder of Olive Oil People

O'live & Write brought absolute beauty and meaning to our voice on social media through their expressive illustration and words. Amazingly quick with their responses and project deliverables. Lovin' it!

Ann Thomas, Founder of Revel

I love how Grace listens patiently and attentively to my needs and concerns with regards to my ideas and marketing directions. I felt the synergy we had with each other. The partnership was both natural, sincere with mutual respect. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a creative, dependable and empathetic brand consultant to convey their heart messages to their audiences.

Vera Lim, Founder of Be Big Pte Ltd

The most agile and nimble team I have come across for early-stage startups. They really try to understand your business first.

Abhishek Dadoo, CEO of Fewcents

Grace is a very professional graphic designer and her designs have always been very appealing to my consumers. She is also very efficient and answers my queries quickly. I would highly recommend her to others! - Sher Yew

Curates content that is very popular amongst the viewers online. Strongly recommend going to O'live & Write for their designs and services! Keep up the excellent job! - Yang Rui

Cemani Team

It's very easy to work with Grace from O'live and Write! She nails the brief (even with little information - she just gets it!) and transforms her creatives into something that absolutely connects with our customers. Grace is professional and friendly and we love her work and working with her! I highly recommend O'live and Write.

Minh Vu Lee, Head of People Success (KOCO)

O'live & Write is easy to work with and provides a fast turnaround on their creative work. Their designs are fresh, bold, and also current. I recommend working with O'live and Write for any writing projects or marketing campaign collaterals.

Sarah, Founder of Genesis Consulting and Solutions

I engaged Grace to help me do a write up for my professional profile. I gave her my story and told her the style and feel that I wanted. She was really fast at her delivery and fast doesn’t equate to poor work!

The write up was really good! Grace is very adaptable to different styles and I’m pleased with the quality of the work and speed of delivery (gave me within 2 days!)

Price-wise, very reasonable for the experience you’re getting and hey, it’s less headache for yourself. Let the expert do the writing for you! Thanks, Grace! Will definitely look for you when I have a new project. :)

Alphonso Ngiam

O'live & Write is very creative and has quick turnaround time! Their consistent series of amazing artwork really helped liven up our IG pages :)

OZ Health Team

This is your Testimonial quote. Give your customers the stage to tell the world how great you are!

Casey Johnson


We're proud to be the owner of this shiny new certificate from Bark! Thank you for the opportunity to show off ;) We're also incredibly thankful to our clients who trust us with their branding and marketing reins!

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