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Founded in 2020, O'live & Write is your go-to for affordable and quirky copywriting and design. Like an olive press, we cut through the fluff and distractions to deliver compelling content that stands out.

Let us guide you through the complexities of branding and finding the perfect tone, so you can concentrate on showcasing your best products and services.

Make your brand unforgettable, the right way, with O'live & Write.

Olive and write Copywriting and design ad


Founder | Creative Communications

Grace's love for words and reading drove her to take up a degree in English Literature (Hons), supplemented by a diploma in Information Design and Communications. It's this same combination that landed Grace in the advertising industry, where she delved into social media marketing strategies and content creation. After seven years of working in agencies and in-house teams, Grace decided to set up her own in 2020! She spends an unhealthy amount of time on social media writing up bite-sized book reviews and setting up ads for clients. If Grace isn't doing digital stuff... she'd be perched comfortably on her IKEA couch with a good book.

Grace Phua Olive and Write Founder


Senior Graphic Designer

With a sharp eye for detail and a knack for Photoshop, Shauna knows how to elevate any project with her polished designs. Her expertise in layout and visuals ensures everything looks just right.

When she’s not perfecting graphics, you might find her exploring the latest design trends or enjoying a matcha latte. With Shauna on board, you can count on clean, compelling visuals that make your brand shine!

Wacom Closeup


Photographer | Videographer

Zachary paints with light. He's constantly seen prancing about armed with cutting-edge equipment in one hand and a camera in another. He's a nine-legged octopus if there ever was one.

With an honours degree in Industrial Design, he has over the course of 4 years developed an agile eye for framing scenes, visual storytelling, and an intuitive sense of creativity and balance.



Part-time Graphic Artist | Illustrator

Ashley sees the world through magical rainbows and kaleidoscopic pixie dust clouds... and works hard to translate it into visuals fit for the human eye. She graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and loves working with children.

In another life, she'd be an art therapist or teacher, residing in an isolated suburb and teaching children to embrace the art of creative expression.

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