"It's a magical thing; that somehow by being with the outstanding, we also stand out."

Thank you for believing in our ideas.


The Literary Giveaway (26 Jun—31 August 2020)

From 26 June to 31 August 2020, O'live & Write is collaborating with organisations that are literary through and through, and some that stretch our idea of what "literary" can be.

We challenged ourselves: how many crazy connotations can we make from this book-bound word? Sure, we may have books that spark creativity to embellished stationery sets, and even the banked-on cup of coffee... but dark chocolate and literary enamel pins?

Why not?

Pansing Distribution (@definitelybooks)

A heavyweight book distributor (pun intended) in Asia. It's hard to "Keep Calm and Read On" when they've got these vast warehouses filled to the brim with books of every whim and fancy.



A lifestyle brand that curates unique literary products that empower purposeful and powerful living. Now, if Wonder Woman had her own line of products...

The Novel Encounter


A young poet's trailblazing company shares its love for reading and words through "blind-date" books (literally clad in mystery) as well as the people's favourite: typewritten poems. Yes, written on a real typewriter. Clickity-clack!

SIX Scents unnervingly lives up to its name. Their handmade fragrances always seem to make a customer go, "Yes! This is the exact, unexplainable scent that I've wanted in a long time... but can't quite figure out why!"

Collins Debden


Just as a beautiful interior of a house coaxes you to spend a whole day in it, a good journal must be designed so that you want to write in it. All the time! We found a "pen-pal" in their journals.

A.muse Projects


What might stir up warmth on a boring and cold Wednesday? Somehow, a cup of hand-brewed tea and an email sign-off that reads: "Warmly, your local tea ladies" does it for us!

GoGuru by Times


If you're looking for gifts in a shop that cross-breeds between stationery, toys, and books, this online store may as well be the unicorn that's just that.